PhD Eda Birsa

PhD Eda Birsa
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5.01.00  Social sciences  Educational studies   
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H311  Humanities  Painting 
S271  Social sciences  Special didactics 
Fine Arts, Art Didactics, Painting, Early Learning and Teaching, Interdisciplinary Connections, Education of Educators and Teachers, Primary School Teaching, Pre-school Teaching
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      SI University of Maribor, Faculty of Education 2000 
Doctor's degree  Ph. D.   Educational Sciences  SI University of Primorska, Faculty of Education 2015 
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Full time employment (100%, RD:0%)  University of Primorska Faculty of Education  Inštitut za edukacijske vede (Slovene)  11/1/2004  Professor  Researcher  Associate professor 
International projects
Eda Birsa, wrote her doctoral dissertation entitled "Cross-curricular integration in art education classes”, under the mentorship of Assoc. prof. dr. Tonka Tacol and co-mentorship of prof. dr. Majda Cencic. On 30 October 2015, she successfully defended her doctoral dissertation and obtained the title of Doctor of Science in the field of Educational Sciences. She has been employed at the University of Primorska, Faculty of Education. She was first elected assistant professor in the field of Didactics of Art Education and research associate in September 2018. At the faculty she teaches 14 subjects in the undergraduate program: Primary school Teaching, Pre-school Teaching in the Slovenian and Italian study program, and Visual Arts and Design. In the postgraduate master's program she lectures in study program Early Learning and in the doctoral study program Educational Sciences. She is a mentor to many undergraduate, master's and doctoral students, and Osimo scholarship holders - CMEPIUS. She constantly encourages students to participate in scientific projects and in scientific conferences and publishing scientific papers. In 2018 and 2019, she conducted several trainings for teachers and educators in Italy, on the specifics of cross-curricular integration. She has participated in the preparation and publication of professional and scientific monographs, as well as scientific articles in scientific journals and monographic publications published in Slovenia and abroad. She has participated in seven international and domestic scientific meetings and in various international and national projects. She presented her acquired knowledge to the general public at various exhibitions at home and abroad. She has exhibited in ten solo exhibitions. The most resounding in 2019 was the painting exhibition "I confini (Borders)" in Laives, Italy. The exhibition featured 32 paintings in mixed media. The author and her paintings were presented in the local and regional press and in the catalog. She also participated in eighteen group exhibitions, of which the most prominent were international exhibitions that included only selected works of art by artists from around the world, in which Birsa also participated with selected paintings (Artefatto 2009 and 2011, Italy; Pace with art in world without borders 2011, 2013, Italy; «Concrete Arts 9: Constructivism Yesterday and Today» 2012, Croatia, Artimmersion 10 in 12 - Colonia di artisti and exhibition in the Sala espositiva del Comune di Laives, Bolzano, Italy (2018, 2020) and in 2021 at a group exhibition at the Medusa Koper Gallery (Piran Coastal Galleries)). Most of the exhibitions featured paintings, and her sculptural works were also exhibited at three. She has also won several awards for her painting and sculptural work. Birsa spoke about her painting development and work in two shows of Artevisione Magazine: a show on TV Koper - Capodistria in 2012 and 2022.
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