PhD Viktor Menart

PhD Viktor Menart
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researcher – deceased
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Code Science Field Subfield
4.06.01  Biotechnical sciences  Biotechnology  Recombinant DNA technology 
1.05.00  Natural sciences and mathematics  Biochemistry and molecular biology   
genetic and protein engineering, cytokines, tumor necrosis factor alpha, TNF-alpha, analogs, cancer therapy
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WoS 29  1,386  1,302  44.9 
Scopus 27  1,580  1,480  54.81 
Mentoring junior researchers
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no. Name and surname Type Period Code
1 PhD Mateja Kusterle  Uniform doctoral studies  2/1/2003 - 7/31/2005  23686 
2 PhD Maja Kenig  Doctoral degree  2/1/2002 - 7/31/2004  22679 
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Level of education Professional title Study subject Faculty Year
Bachelor's degree  B. Sc.   Organic chemistry  SI University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology 1978 
Doctor's degree  Ph. D.   Chemistry  SI Univeristy of Ljubljana, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology 2000 
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no. Code Title Period Head No. of publications
1. P1-0104  Functional genomics and biotechnology for health   2004 - 2007  PhD Radovan Komel  5,052 
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