Vasilije Trifković

Vasilije Trifković
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expert or technical associate – active in research organisation
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B430  Biomedical sciences  Sylviculture, forestry, forestry technology 
statistical modeling in forestry, forest development models, climate change, data sources, data management, computer programming, geographic information systems, mapping
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Full time employment (100%, RD:50%)  University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty  Forestry and Renewable Resources 
Research projects Legend
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no. Code Title Period Head
1. V4-2014  The development of forest models for Slovenia   11/1/2020 - 10/31/2023  PhD Andrej Ficko  1,343 
2. J4-1765  Forest ecosystem dynamics under climate change: effects of severe disturbance and climate warming   7/1/2019 - 10/31/2022  PhD Thomas Andrew Nagel  2,490 
ARRS research and infrastructure programmes Legend
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no. Code Title Period Head
1. P4-0059  Forest, forestry and renawable forest resources   1/1/2020 - 12/31/2025  PhD Andrej Ficko  6,467 
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