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Innovative pre-fabricated components including different waste construction materials reducing building energy and minimising environmental impacts

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gradbeni odpadki in odpadki pri rušenju objektov, montažne plošče, geopolimer, izolacijska plošča, sevalna plošča
Raziskovalci (19)
št. Evidenčna št. Ime in priimek Razisk. področje Vloga Obdobje Štev. publikacijŠtev. publikacij
1.  22313  dr. Janez Bernard  Gradbeništvo  Raziskovalec  2016 - 2020 
2.  53261  Ana Brodar  Gradbeništvo  Raziskovalec  2016 - 2020 
3.  52325  dr. Mark Češnovar  Gradbeništvo  Raziskovalec  2016 - 2020 
4.  11292  dr. Vilma Ducman  Gradbeništvo  Vodja  2016 - 2020 
5.  39809  Ana Frankovič  Gradbeništvo  Raziskovalec  2016 - 2020 
6.  16432  dr. Lucija Hanžič  Gradbeništvo  Raziskovalec  2016 - 2020 
7.  18449  Rafael Kajzer    Tehnični sodelavec  2016 - 2020 
8.  14943  Friderik Knez  Gradbeništvo  Raziskovalec  2016 - 2020 
9.  14926  dr. Nataša Knez  Gradbeništvo  Raziskovalec  2016 - 2020 
10.  53043  dr. Davor Kvočka  Gradbeništvo  Raziskovalec  2016 - 2020 
11.  51589  Anja Lešek  Gradbeništvo  Raziskovalec  2016 - 2020 
12.  37333  dr. Katja Malovrh Rebec  Energetika  Raziskovalec  2016 - 2020 
13.  25599  dr. Alenka Mauko Pranjić  Geologija  Raziskovalec  2016 - 2020 
14.  50085  Sebastijan Robič  Gradbeništvo  Raziskovalec  2016 - 2020 
15.  13200  dr. Aljoša Šajna  Gradbeništvo  Raziskovalec  2016 - 2020 
16.  18453  Mojca Škerl    Tehnični sodelavec  2016 - 2020 
17.  18454  Dušica Tauzes    Tehnični sodelavec  2016 - 2020 
18.  18494  Tomislav Tomše    Tehnični sodelavec  2016 - 2020 
19.  31344  Lina Završnik  Gradbeništvo  Raziskovalec  2016 - 2020 
Organizacije (1)
št. Evidenčna št. Razisk. organizacija Kraj Matična številka Štev. publikacijŠtev. publikacij
1.  1502  Zavod za gradbeništvo Slovenije  Ljubljana  5866324000 
The basic idea is to embed the waste from building demolition (fragmented bricks, fragmented plaster or concrete, fragmented glasses, machined wood from windows frame or from wood beams after demolition etc.) in a geopolymer matrix to produce prefabricated panels for different use.The main objective of InnoWEE is in fact the development of an optimized reuse of Construction and Demolition Waste (CDW) materials producing high add value prefabricated insulating and radiating panels to be used in energy efficient buildings. The proposal is based on: 1) Recovery, selection and disassembling of CDW that will be characterized and eventually treated to yield suitable raw materials to be used for production of prefabricated components.2) Development of new high performance prefabricated insulating geopolymeric panels for building walls envelopes and radiating panels for indoor wall and ceilings with low environmental impact, low embodied energy, low CO2 emissions, high thermal performance. Panels will be fabricated recycling cement, bricks, mortars, glass and wood reaching at least 30% of CDW.3) To install the panels in demo sites characterized by different climate to evaluate their performance in terms of reducing energy use and minimizing environmental impacts. 4) To use an integrated design process and a holistic approach for the whole life cycle of the materials and components and produce a material that is cost effective, competitive, robust, reliable and low maintenance.5) To create practical and sustainable building solutions that are easy to integrate into building designs, easy to install, take in consideration the needs of the stakeholders that strongly influence the market, and have been tested to meet all the current standards.
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