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Wood Industry Cluster

Research activity

Code Science Field Subfield
1.08.00  Natural sciences and mathematics  Control and care of the environment   
2.00.00  Engineering sciences and technologies     
4.01.02  Biotechnical sciences  Forestry, wood and paper technology  Wood technology 
5.02.00  Social sciences  Economics   
5.04.00  Social sciences  Administrative and organisational sciences   

Code Science Field
S195  Social sciences  Development cooperation 
T460  Technological sciences  Wood, pulp and paper technology 

Code Description
Technology transfer 
Evaluation (rules)
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Research groups (1)
no. Code Name of group Responsible person No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1. 1675-001  RRS-Lesarski grozd (Slovene)  Igor Milavec   15 
Researchers (3)
no. Code Name and surname Research area Status No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1. 20855  Bernard Likar    Junior expert or technical associate 
2. 20854  Igor Milavec  Biotechnical sciences  Researcher  15 
3. 50280  Erika Valentinčič  Biotechnical sciences  Researcher 
Research projects (4) Legend
International projects (8) source: SICRIS
The activity of the Wood Industry Cluster (WIC) includes an implementation of the projects for the founders and members of the WIC and exceptionally also for other market subjects. The major part of the research projects is in the sector of technology, rationalization of the operation"s process, energetics, ecology, and data processing technology. Further more there is the projects in the area of quality and other systems which are confirmed with the certificates as well as from the sector of CE signs and TQM. WIC monitor the Slovenian and some European invitations for tenders and inform the enterprises accordingly. In case that more companies is interested in the common project, the WIC carry out the part of a coordinator and in case of need also lead the common projects. On behalf of the group of the enterprises WIC also look for the potential outside investors. WIC organize also the trainings and meetings for the experts and management. It collect the information related to the technological and market novelties as well as information about the requests which are important for the wood industry with regard to an integration into EU and submit them to the interested companies. The other activities depend upon the needs of the founders and members of WIC. The basic task of WIC is, however, the management of the projects and an incorporation of the outside professionals (first of all from the public research institutions) into the projects, preparation of the petitions for the public invitations for tenders as well as performance monitoring related to the implementation of the projects.
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