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Forest fires in Slovenia

Research activity

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4.01.01  Biotechnical sciences  Forestry, wood and paper technology  Forest - forestry 

Code Science Field
B430  Biomedical sciences  Sylviculture, forestry, forestry technology 
forest fires, modelling, biology, succession of vegetation
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Researchers (5)
no. Code Name and surname Research area Role Period No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  03316  PhD Miha Adamič  Forestry, wood and paper technology  Researcher  1999 - 2001  361 
2.  02085  PhD Franc Batič  Plant production  Researcher  1999 - 2001  817 
3.  08376  PhD Igor Dakskobler  Biology  Researcher  1999 - 2001  697 
4.  02491  PhD Maja Jurc  Forestry, wood and paper technology  Head  1998 - 2001  564 
5.  17331  Magda Špenko    Researcher  1998 - 2001 
Organisations (2)
no. Code Research organisation City Registration number No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  0404  Slovenian Forestry Institute  Ljubljana  5051673000  11,872 
2.  0618  Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts  Ljubljana  5105498000  62,507 
1. The methods of assessment of forest endargement by fire used in Slovenia and abroad will be analysed. 2. On the basis of acquired knowledge and supplementary criteria a new method of assessment of the forest endargement by fire will be proposed, it will differ regarding to phytogeographical regions of Slovenia. 3. New method will be tested on model locations. 4. The influence of forest fire on some biotic components on burnt and the vegetation succession after fire will be studied.
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