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Atherosclerosis and thrombosis

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3.06.00  Medical sciences  Cardiovascular system   
1.05.00  Natural sciences and mathematics  Biochemistry and molecular biology   

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B530  Biomedical sciences  Cardiovascular system 

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3.02  Medical and Health Sciences  Clinical medicine 
1.06  Natural Sciences  Biological sciences 
atherosclerosis, thrombosis, etiopathogenesis, preclinical atherosclerosis, endothelial dysfunction, coagulation, systemic infiammatory markers, genetic polymorphisms, drug actions
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WoS  743  42,791  41,548  55.92 
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Researchers (42)
no. Code Name and surname Research area Role Period No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  56744  Lucija Adamič    Technical associate  2023 - 2024 
2.  37714  Metka Arh    Technical associate  2019 
3.  21331  Simona Auman    Technical associate  2019 
4.  56928  Bojana Banović    Technical associate  2023 - 2024 
5.  56927  Željko Banović    Technical associate  2023 - 2024 
6.  07630  PhD Aleš Blinc  Cardiovascular system  Researcher  2019 - 2024  501 
7.  29088  PhD Anja Boc  Cardiovascular system  Researcher  2020 - 2024  51 
8.  28718  PhD Vinko Boc  Medical sciences  Researcher  2023 - 2024  76 
9.  15637  PhD Mojca Božič Mijovski  Cardiovascular system  Researcher  2019 - 2024  217 
10.  56159  Špela Čepeljnik    Technical associate  2023 - 2024 
11.  56920  Tjaša Dermota  Cardiovascular system  Junior researcher  2022 - 2024 
12.  36053  Anđa Duronjić    Technical associate  2019 - 2024 
13.  22347  PhD Barbara Eržen  Cardiovascular system  Researcher  2019 - 2024  76 
14.  11685  PhD Zlatko Fras  Cardiovascular system  Researcher  2019 - 2024  798 
15.  35642  Marko Jakopanec    Technical associate  2019 
16.  33911  PhD Miodrag Janić  Cardiovascular system  Researcher  2019 - 2024  143 
17.  18395  Katja Janša-Trontelj    Technical associate  2019 - 2024 
18.  18396  Milojka Javoršek    Technical associate  2019 - 2024 
19.  24467  PhD Borut Jug  Cardiovascular system  Researcher  2019 - 2024  312 
20.  17729  Bojana Koščak    Technical associate  2019 - 2024 
21.  05965  PhD Matija Kozak  Cardiovascular system  Researcher  2019 - 2024  333 
22.  56626  Valentina Krajnc    Technical associate  2023 - 2024 
23.  38795  Monika Kurtiš    Technical associate  2019 
24.  14642  PhD Alenka Mavri  Cardiovascular system  Researcher  2019 - 2024  222 
25.  31213  Jovanka Mohar    Technical associate  2019 - 2024 
26.  17732  Jana Mravlje    Technical associate  2019 - 2024 
27.  31962  PhD Jovana Nikolajević-Starčev.  Cardiovascular system  Researcher  2019 - 2024  45 
28.  58472  Neža Nograšek  Cardiovascular system  Junior researcher  2023 - 2024 
29.  51294  PhD Marko Novaković  Cardiovascular system  Researcher  2019 - 2024  49 
30.  24232  Agica Pacheco    Technical associate  2019 - 2024 
31.  04548  PhD Pavel Poredoš  Cardiovascular system  Retired researcher  2020 - 2024  988 
32.  29298  Katja Sinkovič-Lukek    Technical associate  2019 - 2024 
33.  35983  Urška Stojanović    Technical associate  2019 
34.  08094  PhD Mirza Šabovič  Cardiovascular system  Head  2019 - 2024  424 
35.  19345  PhD Miran Šebeštjen  Cardiovascular system  Researcher  2019 - 2024  272 
36.  32772  Marija Šparovec  Cardiovascular system  Technical associate  2019 - 2024 
37.  31412  Martina Špeh    Technical associate  2019 - 2023 
38.  21359  PhD Gregor Tratar  Cardiovascular system  Researcher  2023 - 2024  99 
39.  05888  PhD Nina Vene-Klun  Cardiovascular system  Researcher  2019 - 2024  170 
40.  20252  PhD Tjaša Vižintin Cuderman  Cardiovascular system  Researcher  2020 - 2024  127 
41.  22067  Karmen Zagorc    Technical associate  2019 - 2020 
42.  21885  Renata Žučko    Technical associate  2019 - 2024 
Organisations (1)
no. Code Research organisation City Registration number No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  0312  University Medical Centre Ljubljana  Ljubljana  5057272000  77,959 
Atherosclerosis and venous thromboembolism are among the most common diseases of the cardiovascular system and among the most common causes of morbidity and mortality in the developed world as well as in developing countries. The etiopathogenesis of both diseases has not yet been fully elucidated, and the new findings from various studies are opening up new questions, while the old dogmas of these diseases are sometimes called into question. Consequently, we want to study the significance of various factors in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis and venous thrombosis.   The influence of polymorphisms of candidate genes and classical risk factors on the occurrence of peripheral arterial disease and its complications will be studied, and we will additionally test these patients functionally. We will also try to determine the effect of anticoagulation treatment on the outcome of endovascular treatment in patients with peripheral arterial disease. In patients with diabetes, we will examine the degree of amputations in Slovenia. We will continue to determine the effects of various drugs on the aging of the arterial wall and preclinical forms of atherosclerosis. In this context, we will further examine the mechanisms of low-dose statins and sartans in the arterial wall and their effect on the expression of certain genes. We will study the possibilities of preventive modalities on the arterial wall in the elderly, as well as the possibilities for improving the diastolic left ventricular dysfunction. In the field of preventive cardiology, we will investigate the prevalence of cardiovascular diseases at the national level, and in addition try to introduce appropriate registers in the field of cardiovascular rehabilitation and prevention of cardiovascular diseases. We will also study the influence of certain direct oral anticoagulants on various parameters of haemostasis and try to determine their plasma concentrations, with an emphasis on the effects of antidotes. Additionally, the impact of anticoagulant drugs on the incidence of intracranial haemorrhage will be studied. The use of anticoagulation drugs will be further studied in patients following the treatment of acute arterial occlusions.   We expect that with the results of the described and other, additional studies, we will significantly contribute to a better understanding of the pathogenesis of both atherosclerosis and thrombosis, and in addition, in particular, contribute to more effective and safe treatment of patients with the described diseases. The detection of mechanisms of action and efficacy of sustained medications in both conditions will help to more individually address the treatment of both atherosclerotic and venous thrombemolic conditions.
Significance for science
With the proposed research program, we will continue to try to explain the mechanisms of pathogenesis and treatment in the most common cardiovascular diseases, that is, atherosclerosis and thrombosis. These disease entities still represent an important challenge in the research as well as the therapeutic field. The follow-up events will significantly contribute to better patient treatment. With the foreseen research and study of the mechanisms of both the functioning and efficacy of medicines as well as the diseases themselves, i.e. atherosclerosis and venous thrombosis, we will contribute to a better understanding of both diseases and also to important changes and shift of milestones in therapeutic action.
Significance for the country
With the foreseen research, we will try to answer some of the fundamental questions regarding the onset of cardiovascular disease and assess the possibilities of the most effective therapeutic approaches. These diseases fall into the very top of morbidity and mortality in the world as well as in Slovenia. The findings will significantly contribute to the rationalization of the treatment of cardiovascular patients. As before, the findings and acquired knowledge will be transferred both to the Slovenian and international proctor, which means an important promotion of the Republic of Slovenia and its implementation on the map of top-notch knowledge and research areas. Based on the results achieved so far, we have been recognized internationally. The members of the group published the results of their work in top international journals with a high impact factor, presented their work at important international professional congresses and were invited to the leading structures of the most important European associations. The leader of the research group and its members were also entrusted with organizing several important international meetings and congresses. The members of the research group as invited lecturers at European and world congresses presented and will present the results of their research work and thus promote science.
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