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PlanToConnect Mainstreaming ecological connectivity in spatial planning systems of the Alpine Space

Researchers (5)
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1.  24037  PhD Damjana Gantar  Urbanism  Researcher  2022 - 2024  125 
2.  09803  MSc Andrej Gulič  Urbanism  Head  2022 - 2024  491 
3.  55584  Nada Hozjan    Technical associate  2022 - 2024 
4.  54951  Tilen Jurca  Urbanism  Researcher  2022 - 2024 
5.  11296  Sergeja Praper Gulič  Urbanism  Researcher  2022 - 2024  222 
Organisations (1)
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1.  0505  Urban planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia  Ljubljana  5051703000  2,778 
Ecological connectivity among protected areas is a determining factor for the survival and migration of species and adaptation potential of populations. Promoting ecological connectivity is an important option to enable dynamic adaptation processes in ecosystems, and thus to combat the decline in biodiversity and preserve ecosystem functions, especially in view of changing climatic conditions. While protected areas are well established, their connection through ecological corridors suffers from significant planning gaps and missing implementations. An overarching connectivity concept guiding corridor planning and implementation across alpine regions is currently missing. Therefore, harmonization of regional networks, including the design of their corridors, and an upgrade of planning systems is needed, moving from conventional land-use planning to approaches that draw on concrete ecosystem functions and services. The application and testing of know-how and experience developed by the project and from previous Alpine Space projects (e.g. ALPBIONET2030, OpenSpaceAlps and AlpES) to ecological network planning in partner’s region will be crucial towards the development of a coherent alpine network of green and blue infrastructures throughout the Alpine Space. A comprehensive capacity building package (guidelines, toolbox and hands-on training system) for the design and implementation of harmonized ecological networks and corridor implementation will be jointly developed by project staff, planners and policy makers and tested in pilot areas throughout the Alpine Space. The focus will be to modernize planning systems across the Alpine Space by integrating biodiversity, climate and ecological connectivity issues in planning and policy approaches. A transnational working group established as a sub-group of the AlpPlan network will guarantee the transferability of project outputs and their durability after the project closure.
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