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Investigations into resistance and yield of plants and animals in sustainable agriculture

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Code Science Field Subfield
1.03.00  Natural sciences and mathematics  Biology   
4.03.00  Biotechnical sciences  Plant production   

Code Science Field
B10   Biomedical sciences  B10  
B225  Biomedical sciences  Plant genetics 
B4   Biomedical sciences  B4  
B230  Biomedical sciences  Microbiology, bacteriology, virology, mycology 
B350  Biomedical sciences  Development biology, growth (animal), ontogeny, embryology 
B220  Biomedical sciences  Genetics, cytogenetics 
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Researchers (16)
no. Code Name and surname Research area Role Period No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  17005  PhD Boštjan Brešar  Mathematics  Researcher  2001 - 2003 
2.  14488  PhD Avrelija Cencič  Biotechnology  Researcher  2001 - 2003 
3.  16416  Virgilija Hrženjak  Biology  Researcher  2001 - 2003 
4.  16240  PhD Anton Ivančič  Plant production  Researcher  2001 - 2003 
5.  15069  PhD Marjan Janžekovič  Animal production  Researcher  2001 - 2003 
6.  04606  PhD Božidar Krajnčič  Biology  Head  2001 - 2003 
7.  15068  PhD Vesna Mila Meden  Chemistry  Researcher  2001 - 2003 
8.  02923  PhD Jože Nemec  Mathematics  Researcher  2001 - 2003 
9.  13464  PhD Anton Ploj  Plant production  Researcher  2001 - 2003 
10.  19348  PhD Črtomir Rozman  Plant production  Researcher  2001 - 2003 
11.  03154  PhD Metka Slekovec  Chemistry  Researcher  2001 - 2003  12 
12.  09467  PhD Vladimir Strelec  Animal production  Researcher  2001 - 2003 
13.  18684  PhD Metka Šiško  Biology  Researcher  2001 - 2003 
14.  01364  PhD Dejan Škorjanc  Biotechnical sciences  Researcher  2001 - 2003  17 
15.  19081  PhD Tatjana Unuk  Plant production  Researcher  2001 - 2003 
16.  09472  PhD Marko Volk  Veterinarian medicine  Researcher  2001 - 2003 
Organisations (1)
no. Code Research organisation City Registration number No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  0482  University of Maribor, Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences  Hoče  5089638004  60 
The research programme encompasses five long-term projects: (i) Plant physiology - research in programming of flowering and increasing resistance of plants against infections. So far, promoting effects of GA3, JA, Mn, Zn and Ca chelates and, in combination with EDDHA, their synergistic effects have been established on the promotion of flowering and resistance of plants against infections. In the long term such programming of flowering can be achieved that will bring about the decrease in the application of fungicides to minimum. (ii) Plant breeding and genetics - research in pumpkins (Cucurbita pepo) aimed at creating high yielding bush-type cultivars, resistant to various diseases. The research project was started in 1997 with hybridization (""oil"" genotypes x genetic sources for bushy form and resistance). Genetic research is aimed at investigating inheritance of traits which affect yield to the greaest extent. Plant improvement project includes also sweet chestnut (Castanea sativa) with the aim to create genotypes resistant to chestnut blight fungus (Cryphonectria parasitica). By using plant hormones, we aim to induce flowering at the earliest possible stage of plant development, which would result in shortening the time periods between generations from 5 or 8 years to 3 - 4 years. (iii) Investigation of accumulation and bio-availability of metals in biological samples taken from plants produced by using intensive production methods and from those produced by applying sustainable production methods. (iv) Research into interferons and their application to practice in pig reproduction, with the aim to apply the results to human reproduction. (v) The application of modern quantitative analyses in animal production for the research of the effects of stress exerted on domestic animals (cattle) on their production and reproduction characteristics; of the environment and microclimate on the behaviour and health state of animals; of feed additives in poultry, and the effect of ageing on skeletal musculature and tissue. The carcass structure and its characteristics are also investigated. By investigating and controlling biological mechanisms of animal cells, we aim to rationalize animal breeding and to use the genetic potential of domestic animals to the greatest extent. Relevance of the research programme for science on a global scale: The programme includes topical issues in the field of plant physiology (vascular plants), genetics and plant improvement, microbiology and livestock production in sustainable agriculture. Plant improvement activities are aimed at increasing resistance of plants in order to reduce the use of chemicals to minimum. The results can be used in other Central European countries. Relevance of the research programme for Slovenia: It is a basis for programming sustainable food and animal production in Slovene agriculture and forestry.
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