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Production and characterisation of functional food products based on poultry meat enriched with CoQ10

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4.02.00  Biotechnical sciences  Animal production   

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B420  Biomedical sciences  Nutrition 
Coencime Q10, Cholesterol, Antioxidants, Poltry, meat, animal food, production, nutrition, mitochondria, chemical composition, HPLC-MS, TLC, GC
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Researchers (13)
no. Code Name and surname Research area Role Period No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  24623  Boštjan Donša  Animal production  Researcher  2007 - 2008 
2.  24624  Polonca Enci  Animal production  Researcher  2007 - 2008 
3.  06787  PhD Alenka Golc Wondra  Plant production  Researcher  2007 - 2008  210 
4.  24627  Simona Habjanič  Animal production  Researcher  2007 - 2008 
5.  24626  Stanislav Kosi  Animal production  Researcher  2007 - 2008 
6.  24643  MSc Boštjan Kostanjevec  Animal production  Researcher  2007 - 2008  23 
7.  24445  PhD Mitja Križman  Chemistry  Researcher  2007 - 2008  152 
8.  23053  PhD Maja Milivojević Fir  Chemistry  Junior researcher  2007 - 2008  46 
9.  01095  PhD Mirko Prošek  Chemistry  Head  2007 - 2008  406 
10.  17266  Mateja Puklavec    Technical associate  2007 - 2008  22 
11.  05397  PhD Andrej Šmidovnik  Chemistry  Researcher  2007 - 2008  131 
12.  24647  Brigita Vindiš Zelenko  Control and care of the environment  Researcher  2007 - 2008  14 
13.  09178  PhD Janko Žmitek  Pharmacy  Researcher  2007 - 2008  298 
Organisations (2)
no. Code Research organisation City Registration number No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  0104  National Institute of Chemistry  Ljubljana  5051592000  21,303 
2.  2106  PERUTNINA PTUJ reja perutnine, proizvodnja krmil, perutninskega mesa in izdelkov, trgovina in storitve d.o.o. (Slovene)  Ptuj  5141966  57 
In this research project the possibility of integrated production of chicken meat with increased amounts of coenzyme Q10 as a functional food will be tested. CoQ10 is highly lipofilic molecule, found in the inner side of the mitochondria membrane, where it plays an important role in oxidative phosphorilation. It has an essential role at mitochondria energy (ATP) production in the respiratory chain, transporting electrons between the enzymes. CoQ10 also functions as an antioxidant, inhibiting lipid peroxidation and scavenging free radicals. It plays an important role also in membrane stabilization and fluidity. The chickens will be raised according to regulation protocol. Two groups of 17 000 chickens will be tested. The check-group will be fed with the ordinary feed, whereas the test group will be fed with feed enriched with water soluble CoQ10. According to higher bioavailabilty of the water soluble CoQ10, we expect essentialy higher CoQ10 accumulation in the different chicken organs fed with this kind of CoQ10 compared with the control group. The chickens of this group will also acquire better physical condition and higher weight. We also expect successful incorporation of the added CoQ10 into the inner mitochondria membrane and favorable influence on the reduction of the cholesterol formation. Acquired raw materials will serve to prepare functional food based on CoQ10 enriched (chicken) poultry meat. In these new products we expect increased contents of CoQ10 and improved CoQ10, cholesterol proportion index. In the proposed method CoQ10 will be incorporated by natural way and it will not be directly added in the final meat product. In addition, we will also prepare series of not enriched chicken meat products.Later during the technological process water soluble CoQ10 will be added. We intend to confirm the hypothesis by chosen analytical methods of CoQ10 and cholesterol determination in tissues and final products.
Significance for science
In our project we examined positive effects of the chicken fodder fortified with CoQ10 on the quality of chicken meat, final meat products and the whole raise procedure. Obtained results are very promising. We succeeded, as one of the first group in the world, to increase the concentrations of CoQ10 in different chicken’s meat (breast, legs, wings) for more than 50%, during the raise period and to determine positions of build in coenzyme. We use fractionation of the chicken cells showed increased concentration of CoQ10 in cell membranes and not in mitochondrion. Such result shows that exogenous CoQ10 is primarily used as an antioxidant in them body. Young chickens used in our experiment had enough CoQ10 from their mitochondria and they did not need exogenous CoQ10 for oxidative phosphorilation. Chickens used exogenous substance for the protection against oxidative stress which was very strong during the industrial raise. Positive effect of exogenous substance was in this case shown in reduced mortality of animals usually a result of uncontrolled stokes. Our results confirm that animals are using their own, mostly in mitochondrion produced CoQ10 for energy transformation and for the protection against oxidative radicals they preferably use exogenous CoQ10 as an antioxidant from food. Together with Perutnina Ptuj d.d. we prepared and obtained SI patent and additionally we applied international patent application WO 2008/082369 A2.
Significance for the country
We developed a new procedure for preparation of chickens meat with increased amount of CoQ10. We prepared new form of functional food based on poultry meat fortified with CoQ10. We evaluated the positive influence of CoQ10 in industrial raise of chickens, and obtaine results will be used in order to increase economical effects of a raise and to save animals from oxidative stress.
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