PhD Peter Trkman

PhD Peter Trkman
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researcher – active in research organisation
Phone number 01 589 25 12
E-mail peter.trkmanat signef.uni-lj.si
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5.02.02  Social sciences  Economics  Business sciences 
5.13.00  Social sciences  Information science and librarianship   
information systems, logistics, business process management, supply chain management, information technology adoption, electronic business, economics of information systems
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WoS 53  2,883  2,767  52.21 
Scopus 71  4,532  4,366  61.49 
Mentoring junior researchers
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no. Name and surname Type Period Code
1 PhD Marko Budler  Bologna doctoral studies  11/1/2014 - 11/12/2018  37438 
2 PhD Monika Klun  Bologna doctoral studies  10/1/2013 - 3/11/2020  36384 
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Level of education Professional title Study subject Faculty Year
  B. Sc.     SI University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics 2000 
Master's degree  M. Sc.   Information-managament sciences  SI University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics 2002 
Doctor's degree  Ph. D.     SI University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics 2008 
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Type of employment Research org. Research group Date of employment Position Role Title
Full time employment (120%, RD:20%)  University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business (SEB)  Research Centre of the Faculty of Economics  10/16/2000  Associate Professor  Researcher  Full professor 
Research projects Legend
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no. Code Title Period Head No. of publications
1. J7-50185  Transparency and digitalization in supply chains   2023 - 2024  PhD Peter Trkman  1,243 
2. J5-2555  Organizational Design in Digital Era   2020 - 2023  PhD Matej Černe  2,240 
3. J5-1783  Pro-evniromental behavior in tourism   2019 - 2022  PhD Ljubica Knežević Cvelbar  2,185 
4. J5-9329  Business analytics and business models in supply chains   2018 - 2021  PhD Peter Trkman  3,851 
5. J5-7287  Big Data Analytics: From Insights to Business Process Agility   2016 - 2018  PhD Aleš Popovič  4,537 
6. J5-6816  Business transformation - from business models to innovative processes   2014 - 2017  PhD Peter Trkman  1,742 
7. J5-4012  Supply Chain Management and IT support   2011 - 2014  PhD Peter Trkman  2,839 
8. J5-2105  Vpliv procesne usmerjenosti ter prenove in informatizacije poslovnih procesov na uspešnost poslovanja organizacij (Slovene)   2009 - 2012  PhD Andrej Kovačič  3,010 
9. V2-0211  Tehnično-ekonomski modeli razvoja širokopasovnih komunikacij in njihova uporaba na ruralnih področjih Slovenije (Slovene)   2007 - 2008  PhD Borka Džonova Jerman B.  1,494 
10. J2-6701  Advanced Methodologies and Techniques for the Delivery and Administration of Location independent Optimised personal Services   2004 - 2007  PhD Borka Džonova Jerman B.  2,411 
11. V2-0499  Informacijske infrastrukture tehnologije in spremembe v družbeni organizaciji ob uvedbi liberaliziranega trga telekomunikacijskih stori (Slovene)   2004  PhD Borka Džonova Jerman B.  1,354 
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I am an associate professor at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Ljubljana. My research interests encompass various aspects of business models, business process, supply chain and operations management as well as technology adoption and e-government. I published over 80 papers/book chapters, including papers in highly-rated journals like Decision Support Systems, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, International Journal of Information Management, International Journal of Production Economics, Journal of Strategic Information Systems, Long Range Planning and Supply Chain Management. I was a visiting professor at several universities. I serve as a reviewer for 35 (S)SCI indexed journals, several funding agencies and Ph. D. theses. I won several awards for my research while my work has been cited over 3700 times with an h-index of 27. Five of my papers (on business analytics, business process management, business models and supply chain risk management) are among the 1% most cited papers in Scopus. In my teaching I combine theory with practical examples, always try to engage students of diverse cultural and educational backgrounds. I score well above the average in students’ evaluations of my pedagogical work.
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