PhD Jure Tičar

PhD Jure Tičar
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6.12.01  Humanities  Geography  Physical geography 
6.12.05  Humanities  Geography  Applied geography 

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P510  Natural sciences and mathematics  Physical geography, geomorphology, pedology, cartography, climatology 
geomorphology, karstology, speleology, glaciology, natural disasters, cartography, environmental protection
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WoS 109  100  14.29 
Scopus 11  125  115  10.45 
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Full time employment (100%, RD:100%)  Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts  Anton Melik Geographical Institute 
Research projects Legend
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no. Code Title Period Head No. of publications
1. J6-4627  Vpliv novih podnebnih razmer na snežne plazove v Sloveniji (Slovene)   2022 - 2023  PhD Blaž Komac  5,086 
2. J6-3142  Solution pipes as a novel palaeoclimate proxy   2022 - 2023  PhD Matej Lipar  2,715 
3. V6-2281  Supplement to the Record of Hidden War Cemeteries and the Register of War Cemeteries with data on hidden war cemeteries in underground caves   2022 - 2023  PhD Peter Mikša  2,497 
4. J6-3141  Subglacial carbonate deposits - a new source for studying the presence of glaciers in a glaciokarstic environment   2021 - 2023  PhD Matija Zorn  6,068 
5. V6-2108  Standardization of hydronyms in the Register of geographical names   2021 - 2023  PhD Drago Perko  3,430 
6. J1-2478  Novel proxies of the Holocene climate variability in stalagmites in Slovenia   2021 - 2023  PhD Sonja Lojen  5,121 
7. J6-2592  Connectivity concept in karst: the doline-cave coupling in the context of human impacts   2020 - 2023  PhD Mateja Breg Valjavec  3,958 
8. V1-2140  Determination of the pollution of underground caves at the level of Slovenia, their priority remediation and monitoring of the condition of caves   2021 - 2023  PhD Jure Tičar  1,377 
9. J6-2591  Avalanche hazard management using terrain classification analysis   2020 - 2023  PhD Blaž Komac  4,678 
10. J6-2574  Creating, maintaining, reusing: border commissions as the key for understanding contemporary borders   2020 - 2021  PhD Marko Zajc  5,963 
11. N6-0070  Possible ecological control of flood hazard in the hilly regions of Hungary and Slovenia   2017 - 2020  PhD Rok Ciglič  3,433 
ARIS research and infrastructure programmes Legend
source: ARIS
no. Code Title Period Head No. of publications
1. P6-0101  Geography of Slovenia   2015 - 2021  PhD Blaž Komac  7,072 
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