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Adaptive Facades Network

Raziskovalci (4)
št. Evidenčna št. Ime in priimek Razisk. področje Vloga Obdobje Štev. publikacijŠtev. publikacij
1.  11809  dr. Ciril Arkar  Energetika  Raziskovalec  2014 - 2018  346 
2.  50366  dr. Anna Malgorzata Sandak  Gozdarstvo,  lesarstvo in papirništvo  Vodja  2014 - 2018  256 
3.  28349  dr. Franc Sinur  Gradbeništvo  Raziskovalec  2014 - 2018  191 
4.  05772  dr. Roko Žarnić  Gradbeništvo  Raziskovalec  2014 - 2018  606 
Organizacije (3)
št. Evidenčna št. Razisk. organizacija Kraj Matična številka Štev. publikacijŠtev. publikacij
1.  0782  Univerza v Ljubljani, Fakulteta za strojništvo  Ljubljana  1627031  29.331 
2.  0792  Univerza v Ljubljani, Fakulteta za gradbeništvo in geodezijo  Ljubljana  1626981  25.747 
3.  3770  InnoRenew CoE Center odličnosti za raziskave in inovacije na področju obnovljivih materialov in zdravega bivanjskega okolja  Izola  7233817000  2.791 
Multi-functional and adaptive building envelopes can provide step-change improvements in the energy efficiency and economic value of new and refurbished buildings, while improving the wellbeing of building occupants. They therefore represent a significant and viable contribution to meeting the EU 2020 targets. There is a critical mass of European knowledge, expertise, resources, and skills in the fields relevant to adaptive facades, but the research efforts across the multi-disciplinary topics and the wide range of novel technologies are scattered across several R&D centres in Europe. This Action aims to harness this knowledge and will thereby generate new ideas and concepts at a fundamental and product/system development level. This will be achieved by creating a research network with a strong multidisciplinary approach, involving academics, industrial partners from the facade supply chain, and other stakeholders. The COST Action will facilitate the sharing of experimental data, the development of modelling and simulation techniques, and the sharing of common evaluation methods. The work of this COST action is expected to from the basis for exploiting recent technological developments in adaptive facades and energy efficient buildings, and will help to train the future generation of facade R&D professionals in Europe.
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