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Functional Food and Chemical Hazard

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Code Science Field Subfield
1.04.00  Natural sciences and mathematics  Chemistry   
2.02.00  Engineering sciences and technologies  Chemical engineering   
4.03.00  Biotechnical sciences  Plant production   

Code Science Field
B420  Biomedical sciences  Nutrition 
functinal food, antioxidants, vitamins, enzymes, inulin, cyclodextrin, dietetic food, analytical chemistry, gc, gc/ms, hplc, hplc/ms, tlc, tlc/ms
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Researchers (15)
no. Code Name and surname Research area Role Period No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  29488  PhD Alen Albreht  Chemistry  Junior researcher  2008  128 
2.  28562  PhD Vesna Glavnik  Plant production  Junior researcher  2007 - 2008  174 
3.  06787  PhD Alenka Golc Wondra  Plant production  Researcher  2004 - 2008  210 
4.  24445  PhD Mitja Križman  Chemistry  Researcher  2008  152 
5.  21516  PhD Brigita Lapornik  Biochemistry and molecular biology  Junior researcher  2004 - 2005  25 
6.  26511  PhD Mitja Martelanc  Chemistry  Junior researcher  2006 - 2008  72 
7.  23053  PhD Maja Milivojević Fir  Chemistry  Junior researcher  2004 - 2008  46 
8.  01095  PhD Mirko Prošek  Chemistry  Head  2004 - 2008  406 
9.  17266  Mateja Puklavec    Technical associate  2004 - 2008  22 
10.  15461  PhD Breda Simonovska  Plant production  Researcher  2004 - 2008  247 
11.  05397  PhD Andrej Šmidovnik  Chemistry  Researcher  2004 - 2008  131 
12.  25503  PhD Kajetan Trošt  Plant production  Junior researcher  2005 - 2008  48 
13.  22503  PhD Monika Vidmar Stražišar  Chemistry  Researcher  2004  19 
14.  11395  PhD Irena Vovk  Chemistry  Researcher  2004 - 2008  565 
15.  09178  PhD Janko Žmitek  Pharmacy  Researcher  2004 - 2008  298 
Organisations (1)
no. Code Research organisation City Registration number No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  0104  National Institute of Chemistry  Ljubljana  5051592000  21,316 
Basic activities are focused on research in food chemistry and development and optimization of new analytical techniques, characterization and validation of pharmaceutical and food products. Validation and quantification of food and pharmaceutical products and their ingredients together with determination of levels of active substances in biological tests are successfully performed with different separation techniques and combination of chromatography with mass spectrometry. We are developing and validating new analytical methods for quantitative determination of some food additives, for instance, inulin, coenzyme Q10, cholesterol, antioxidants, vitamins and provitamins etc. Our studies are connected with properties of different vegetable oils, Our work is focused on synthesis of food additives with antioxidant activities. Some complexes of cyclodextrine with antioxidants are studied in order to produce food additive with prolonged and controlled antoxidative properties applicable for oils and food products with certain amount of fat (mayonnaises, cream, milk etc.) The purpose of our work is preparation of extracts from by-products of redcurrant, blackcurrant and grape. Extracts are concentrated and added as natural additives to fruit juice. We determined that juices with additives had bigger antioxidant activity, improved color intensity, color hue and better aroma.
Significance for science
Our research program was oriented into development, optimization, validation and application of new analytical techniques and methods. Separation, spectroscopic and hyphenated techniques were successfully used for quantitative evaluation of food products and pharmaceutical and biological samples. Selected active substances from plants and animals, important for human health, were evaluated. We developed and validated different analytical methods for quantitative determination of cholesterol, antioxidants, vitamins and provitamins. We developed new analytical method for quantitative evaluation of amino acids in a nutrient drop prepared for artificial insemination. Studies of vegetable oils were focused on preparation and chemical characterisation of new food additives with antioxidant activities. The project »Programmable TLC dryer« was completed and firma PIO d.o.o. from Šentjernej was selected as a producer of commercially available instrument. We developed and patented new water-soluble form of the CoQ10-ßCD complex. We prepared a pilot production and developed new products, milk, yogurt, kefir, chocolate, juices and even mineral water with increased amount of CoQ10. The content of total polyphenols, anthocyanins, antioxidant activity, vitamin C and individual anthocyanins, flavonols and phenolic acids were measured. We isolated biologically active compounds from the solid residue of the tomato processing industry. We developed new extraction, fractionation and purification procedure for the isolation of the enzymes pectin methylesterase (PME) and polygalacturonase (PG) from fresh tomato fruit. Extraction of lycopene was prepared and we investigated biological and chemical variability of yacon. With Biotechnical Faculty (Department of Agronomy) we tested the natural resistance of cabbage against chosen harmful insects. Within the cooperation with the group from Medical Centre Ljubljana we investigated the influence of enteral nutrition (with different dietary supplements with specific action on the digestive organs) on intestinal permeability and healing in multiple injured patients. The ratio of lactulose/mannitol excretion in urine after their administration is of great importance for evaluation of malabsorption and intestinal permeability disruption in some diseases.
Significance for the country
Results of our program are important because we prepared some new food additives, we patented and put into production an original water soluble CoQ10 and new type of programble TLC dryer. New food products based on water soluble CoQ10 were prepared. New originaly developed analytical methods for quantitive evaluation of food products and their use, were prepared and used in industry and hospitals. Inovative new product water soluble CoQ10 lead to organisation of new entity Valens d.o.o.
Most important scientific results Final report, complete report on dLib.si
Most important socioeconomically and culturally relevant results Final report, complete report on dLib.si
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