PhD Gregor Čehovin

PhD Gregor Čehovin
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researcher – active in research organisation
E-mail gregor.cehovinat signfdv.uni-lj.si
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5.03.00  Social sciences  Sociology   
Survey methodology, survey nonresponse, Internet research, social science methodology and statistics, meta-analysis
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WoS 10  2.25 
Scopus 10  1.8 
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Level of education Professional title Study subject Faculty Year
1st cycle bachelor's degree      SI University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences 2010 
2nd cycle master's degree      SI University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences 2013 
Doctor's degree  Ph. D.   Interdisciplinary Doctoral Studies Programme in Humanities and S  SI University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences 2019 
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Type of employment Research org. Research group Date of employment Position Title ecris.org.employ_rolegroup
Full time employment (120%, RD:100%)  University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences  Center za družboslovno informatiko (Slovene)  2/1/2019  Researcher  Assistant  Researcher 
Research projects Legend
source: ARIS
no. Code Title Period Head No. of publications
1. J5-50159  Assessing and Modelling Unit Nonresponse Bias in Probability-Based Web Surveys   2023 - 2024  PhD Gregor Čehovin  1,285 
2. J5-4578  Digital transformation of health and social care: Welfare technology acceptance and knowledge among current and future healthcare and social care professionals   2022 - 2024  PhD Simona Hvalič Touzery  1,454 
3. V5-2283  Analysis of research infrastructures to strengthen national and EU research capacities   2022 - 2024  PhD Gregor Čehovin  984 
4. J5-3100  Evaluating probability and nonprobability online panels   2021 - 2024  PhD Vasja Vehovar  1,570 
5. V5-2157  Probability web panels in national statistics for persons and households   2021 - 2024  PhD Vasja Vehovar  994 
6. J5-3109  Outside the ballot box: Youth perceptions and practices of political participation   2021  PhD Marinko Banjac  4,826 
7. J5-9334  Using paradata to evaluate response quality in surveys   2019 - 2021  PhD Vasja Vehovar  1,284 
8. NI-0004  Digital transformation of quantitative data collection in social science research: Integrating survey data collection in social science research: Integrating survey data collection with big data and paradata for identifying social behaviour   2018 - 2020  PhD Vasja Vehovar  1,551 
9. J5-8233  Integration of mobile devices into survey research in social sciences: Development of a comprehensive methodological approach   2019 - 2020  PhD Vasja Vehovar  2,544 
10. J5-6817  Development and evaluation automation of survey questionnaire   2014 - 2017  PhD Vasja Vehovar  2,509 
11. J5-5538  Methodology of social research within the context of e-social science   2013 - 2016  PhD Vasja Vehovar  1,682 
12. J5-4177  Information-communication technologies and transformation of survey research in social sciences   2014  PhD Vasja Vehovar  2,471 
ARIS research and infrastructure programmes Legend
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no. Code Title Period Head No. of publications
1. P5-0399  Internet research   2019 - 2024  PhD Vasja Vehovar  2,790 
2. P5-0399  Internet research   2015 - 2018  PhD Vasja Vehovar  2,774 
3. P5-0168  Social Sciences Methodology, Statistics and Informatics   2014  PhD Anuška Ferligoj  4,240 
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