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Preservation of grassland's biotic diversity using preservation seed mixtures system

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4.03.01  Biotechnical sciences  Plant production  Agricultural plants 

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B006  Biomedical sciences  Agronomics 

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4.01  Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences  Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries 
biodiversity, semi-natural grassland, preservation mixtures, seed production, certification, quality
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Researchers (17)
no. Code Name and surname Research area Role Period No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  17300  Halil Agović    Technical associate  2011 - 2013  12 
2.  05660  Zoran Čergan  Plant production  Researcher  2011 - 2013  280 
3.  17008  PhD Anastazija Gselman  Plant production  Researcher  2011 - 2013  148 
4.  00371  PhD Viktor Jejčič  Plant production  Researcher  2011 - 2013  1,167 
5.  17311  Marjan Južnik    Technical associate  2011 - 2013  48 
6.  10352  PhD Mitja Kaligarič  Biology  Researcher  2011 - 2013  696 
7.  05087  PhD Branko Kramberger  Plant production  Researcher  2011 - 2013  518 
8.  32788  Boštjan Lipavic    Technical associate  2011 - 2013 
9.  33233  PhD Branko Lukač  Plant production  Junior researcher  2011 - 2013  167 
10.  05667  PhD Vladimir Meglič  Plant production  Head  2011 - 2013  846 
11.  18213  Boštjan Per    Technical associate  2011 - 2013 
12.  19322  MSc Miran Podvršnik  Plant production  Researcher  2011 - 2013  95 
13.  11092  MSc Romana Rutar  Plant production  Researcher  2011 - 2013  112 
14.  19562  PhD Sonja Škornik  Biology  Researcher  2011 - 2013  352 
15.  13374  Janko Verbič  Plant production  Researcher  2011 - 2013  339 
16.  34021  Darja Vouk    Researcher  2011 - 2013 
17.  13193  Drago Žitek  Plant production  Researcher  2011 - 2013  44 
Organisations (3)
no. Code Research organisation City Registration number No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  0401  Agricultural institute of Slovenia  Ljubljana  5055431  19,939 
2.  0482  University of Maribor, Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences  Hoče  5089638004  9,655 
3.  2547  University of Maribor, Faculty of natural sciences and mathematics  Maribor  5089638051  17,655 
Slovenian cultural landscape is changing due to the abandonment of the permanent grassland traditional use. Consequently biodiversity is being reduced. Maintenance and increase of biological diversity on permanent grassland based only on soil seed bank is very slow and unreliable process. The directive (2010/60/EU), providing for certain derogations in the marketing of fodder plant seed mixtures intended for use in the preservation of the natural environment, have opened up entirely new possibilities for the maintenance and use of permanent grassland. The possibilities for use of preservation mixtures will be important particularly in the conservation and restoration of permanent grassland on environmentally sensitive or protected areas. Other possibilities for use could be seen when restoring degraded land after major interventions in the environment on protected areas and for organic production. In accordance with the directive (2010/60/EU) and the objectives of protecting biodiversity, plants and seeds used for restoration of degraded areas or plant communities must came from geographically and ecologically nearest sites. These requirements can’t be provided with existing commercial seed mixtures, because they usually consist of a limited number of plant species or varieties. The results of experiments abroad confirm that restored grassland using conservation mixtures can fulfil much better ecological functions than standard commercial mixtures. In Slovenia we don’t have, at the moment, sufficient experiences in the preservation mixtures production technology and their quality control. The objectives of the proposed research project are following:    - To study experiences from other European countries in the selection of donor locations (source areas) for production of conservation mixtures, technology for collecting, seed production and preparation of conservation mixtures for the market.   - To explore the possibilities for seed production of conservation mixtures on botanically biodiverse grassland and define criteria for source locations zoning of production sites.   - Select appropriate technology for collecting, production, processing and storage of preservation mixtures and put it into practice in order to provide sufficient amounts of preservation mixtures seed.   - Determine the appropriate relationship between grasses, legumes and herbs in the preservation mixture, in line with botanical composition of regional permanent grassland.   Based on the results of the project we will make recommendations for the production, processing, storage and use of conservation mixtures in Slovenia. The results will help to establish the original condition of plant communities after land degradation due to: erosion, fires and human development inside and outside of protected habitat areas.
Significance for science
The results of the research project will to a great extent influence future decisions about comprehensive resolvement of the problem with restoring biodiversity on rich grassland plant communities in degraded. Conclusion from the literature review and our own results provide a good basis for further research work. Results will be also useful for government and other nature preservation bodies for the elaboration and acceptance of rural development policies and measures in the field of nature protection especially within the protected areas.
Significance for the country
Despite relatively high level of the biodiversity on permanent grassland in Slovenia, there are occasionally needs for its reconstruction, especially in protected areas (e.g. Natura 2000 or nature parks). In recent years, on the seed market in RS, we are faced with a number of commercial mixtures of domestic and foreign producers, which are not adapted to the local climate and soil conditions, moreover they contain foreign plant species or ecotypes. The results of the research project are important for the biodiversity conservation and development of seed market with preservation seed mixtures in RS. This way we are approaching to the developed countries that made a great effort in recent years with establishment and maintaining the original biodiversity, control of production system, use and certification of preservation seed mixtures in accordance with Directive 2010/60 / EC.
Most important scientific results Final report, complete report on dLib.si
Most important socioeconomically and culturally relevant results Annual report 2012, final report, complete report on dLib.si
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