Nina Goršič

Nina Goršič
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5.08.00  Social sciences  Urbanism   
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Full time employment (100%, RD:100%)  Urban planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia  Spatial Planning 
Research projects Legend
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no. Code Title Period Head No. of publications
1. V5-2358  Methodology for installing photovoltaic devices on heritage buildings and in residential heritage areas, and updating the Guidelines for Energy Renovation of Heritage Buildings   2023 - 2024  PhD Damjana Gantar  2,502 
2. V5-2258  Creating guidelines for the quality design of modern architecture of court premises   2022 - 2024  PhD Igor Bizjak  782 
3. V5-2111  Architectural typologies and architectural landscapes and regions of Slovenia   2021 - 2023  PhD Alenka Fikfak  1,955 
4. V5-1917  Accessibility of facilities in public use for the needs of the disabled   2019 - 2021  PhD Richard Sendi  866 
5. V5-1919  Mobility of functionally hindered persons in the institutions of the judicial authorities   2019 - 2021  PhD Igor Bizjak  1,446 
6. H5-8287  URBAN VERTICAL GREEN 2.0; Vertical greening for liveable cities - innovation to faciliate the breakthrough of an old concept   2020 - 2021  PhD Damjana Gantar  830 
7. V5-1728  Review and analysis of development visions and potentials of Slovenian cities for defining key urban development measures   2018 - 2019  PhD Alenka Fikfak  2,583 
8. V5-1651  Analysis of options for implementing of urban projects using public-private partnership   2017  PhD Bojan Bugarič  3,648 
9. L5-2381  Ukrepi za uresničevanje pravic invalidv do dostopa brez ovir: inventarizacija obstoječih grajenih ovir v grajenem okolju in v pomembnih javnih objektih po Sloveniji (Slovene)   2009 - 2011  PhD Richard Sendi  2,054 
10. L5-6500  RESTATE - Restructuring Large-scale Housing Estates in European Cities: Good Practices and New Visions for Sustainable Neighbourhoods and Cities   2005 - 2007  PhD Richard Sendi  1,400 
11. L5-6491  Measuring impacts on cultural heritage   2004  PhD Jelka Pirkovič  1,217 
ARIS research and infrastructure programmes Legend
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no. Code Title Period Head No. of publications
1. I0-0016  UIRS Infrastructure programme   2022 - 2024  Boštjan Cotič  747 
2. I0-0016  Infrastrukturna dejavnost UI (Slovene)   2015 - 2021  Boštjan Cotič  1,156 
3. I0-0016  Infrastrukturna dejavnost UI (Slovene)   2010 - 2014  PhD Igor Bizjak  1,148 
4. P5-0100  Spatial planning   2004 - 2008  PhD Breda Mihelič  3,748 
International projects
no. Code Title Period Head No. of publications
1. SMOTIES  Human Cities. Creative works with small and remote places   11/1/2020 - 10/31/2024  Matej Nikšič   
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