PhD Branko Kontić

PhD Branko Kontić
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researcher – retired
Phone number (01) 477 37 91
E-mail branko.konticat signijs.si
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Code Science Field Subfield
1.08.00  Natural sciences and mathematics  Control and care of the environment   
Environmental modelling, environmental impact assessment, risk assessment, radioactive waste, environmental health and safety
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WoS 26  189  155  5.96 
Scopus 35  284  230  6.57 
Mentoring junior researchers
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no. Name and surname Type Period Code
1 MSc Špela Uršej  Master's degree  10/1/2003 - 5/31/2006  24275 
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Level of education Professional title Study subject Faculty Year
Bachelor's degree      SI University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical technology 1979 
Master's degree      SI University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical technology 1993 
Doctor's degree  Ph. D.   Environmental Sciences  SI 1998 
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no. Code Title Period Head No. of publications
1. V3-1722  An attempt to interpret the results of biomonitoring in conjunction with data on environmental pollution, with an emphasis on air pollution and an assessment of the potential effects of these pollutants on the health of the population   2018 - 2019  PhD Milena Horvat  5,345 
2. V1-1641  Potential substances of very high concern in the context of REACH regulation   2016 - 2018  PhD Polonca Trebše  1,306 
3. V1-1086  Uporaba in učinkovitost celovite presoje vplivov na okolje ter presoja vplivov na človekovo zdravje (Slovene)   2012  PhD Aleš Mlakar  1,613 
4. L1-0367  An integrated methodology for the remediation of an area impacted by the past mining activity   2008 - 2009  PhD Milena Horvat  4,920 
5. V5-0307  Umestitev Luke Koper v trajnostni okvir razvoja obalne regije (Slovene)   2006 - 2008  PhD Branko Kontić  1,800 
6. V5-0310  Spremljanje in presoja prostorskih vplivov sektorskih politik (Slovene)   2007 - 2008  PhD Mojca Golobič  1,692 
7. L2-6458  Development of tools for management and analysis of the loads and influences on waters in the Sava and Soča catchments   2004 - 2007  PhD Matjaž Mikoš  10,637 
8. V1-0712  Študija ranljivosti prostora in celovita presoja vplivov na okolje za hitro železnico v Sloveniji in Regionalni razvojni program statis (Slovene)   2002 - 2004  PhD Branko Kontić  2,271 
9. V4-0479  Določevanje izvora sladkorjev vin s kombinacijo SNIF-NMR, IRMS in kemometričnimi metodami (Slovene)   2003  PhD Mitja Kocjančič  5,420 
10. J1-7263  Geokemija supergene cone v Sloveniji (Slovene)   1995 - 1998  PhD Jožef Pezdič  3,620 
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