PhD Mitja Skudnik

PhD Mitja Skudnik
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researcher – active in research organisation
E-mail mitja.skudnikat signgozdis.si
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Code Science Field Subfield
4.01.01  Biotechnical sciences  Forestry, wood and paper technology  Forest - forestry 
4.01.00  Biotechnical sciences  Forestry, wood and paper technology   
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WoS 42  814  717  17.07 
Scopus 46  882  779  16.93 
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Level of education Professional title Study subject Faculty Year
  B. Sc.     SI University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty 2007 
Doctor's degree  Ph. D.     SI University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty 2016 
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Type of employment Research org. Research group Date of employment Position Role Title
Full time employment (100%, RD:100%)  Slovenian Forestry Institute  Forest biology, ecology and technology  7/1/2006  Senior professional collaborator  Researcher   
Research projects Legend
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no. Code Title Period Head No. of publications
1. J2-3055  ROVI – Innovative radar and optical satellite image time series fusion and processing for monitoring the natural environment   2021 - 2024  PhD Krištof Oštir  2,535 
2. V4-2026  Diseases, pests and drought stress of European beech at various climate change scenarios   2020 - 2023  PhD Nikica Ogris  7,144 
3. V4-2017  Improving the competitiveness of the Slovenian forest-wood chain in the context of climate change and the transition to a low-carbon society   2020 - 2023  PhD Miha Humar  5,089 
4. V4-2014  The development of forest models for Slovenia   2020 - 2023  PhD Andrej Ficko  1,537 
5. V4-1821  A review and evaluation of forest development models for forest management planning at different spatial scales   2018 - 2020  PhD Matija Klopčič  1,787 
6. V4-1616  Estimation of the system for conservation of forest genetic resources and of the state of forest seed husbandary including new systems for production of seedlings   2016 - 2019  PhD Hojka Kraigher  4,926 
7. V4-1625  Indicators for monitoring the National forest programme and sustainable forest management in the Republic of Slovenia   2016 - 2019  PhD Marko Kovač  5,103 
8. J2-6764  Algorithms for modelling ecosystems' dynamics based on mathematical morphology and lattice theory   2016 - 2017  PhD Borut Žalik  2,841 
9. V4-1422  Ice storm effects on forests in relation to stand and soil characteristics   2014 - 2017  PhD Andrej Kobler  7,503 
10. V4-1428  Bases for improving the methodology of greenhouse gas emissions in relation to land use, land use change and forestry.   2014 - 2016  PhD Primož Simončič  3,266 
11. V4-1069  Povečanje učinkovitosti sanacij velikih poškodb v slovenskih gozdovih (Slovene)   2010 - 2012  PhD Dušan Jurc  7,971 
12. V4-0356  Klasifikacija in vrednotenje primernosti strukture gozdov za načrtovanje trajnostnega večnamenskega (multifunkcionalnega) in sonaravnega gospodarjenja z njimi (Slovene)   2008  PhD Marko Kovač  1,538 
13. V4-0354  Monitoring sestojne zgradbe na območhih NATURA 2000 (Slovene)   2008  PhD David Hladnik  1,463 
ARIS research and infrastructure programmes Legend
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no. Code Title Period Head No. of publications
1. I0-0012  Infrastructural program of Slovenian Forestry Institute (ISGIS)   2022 - 2024  Marko Bajc  2,873 
2. P4-0107  FOREST BIOLOGY, ECOLOGY and TECHNOLOGY   2020 - 2024  PhD Hojka Kraigher  11,754 
3. P4-0107  FOREST BIOLOGY, ECOLOGY & TECHNOLOGY   2017 - 2019  PhD Hojka Kraigher  11,995 
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