PhD Sabina Berne

PhD Sabina Berne
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researcher – active in research organisation
Phone number +38613203296
E-mail sabina.berneat signbf.uni-lj.si
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4.06.05  Biotechnical sciences  Biotechnology  Plant biotechnology 
1.05.00  Natural sciences and mathematics  Biochemistry and molecular biology   
plant-pathogen interactions, effectors, structure, function, natural products, biological assays
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WoS 24  697  517  21.54 
Scopus 23  742  556  24.17 
Mentoring junior researchers
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no. Name and surname Type Period Code
1 PhD Helena Volk  Bologna doctoral studies  11/1/2014 - 7/4/2019  37428 
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Level of education Professional title Study subject Faculty Year
  B. Sc.   Biology  SI University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty 2000 
Doctor's degree  Ph. D.   Biochemistry and Molecular biology  SI University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Medicine 2004 
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Type of employment Research org. Research group Date of employment Position Title ecris.org.employ_rolegroup
Full time employment (100%, RD:75%)  University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty  Agrobiotechnology  4/1/2012  Assistant professor  Assistant professor  Researcher 
Research projects Legend
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no. Code Title Period Head No. of publications
1. V4-2208  Circular technological concepts and business models in Slovenian agriculture (CircAgro-SI)   2022 - 2024  PhD Luka Juvančič  4,098 
2. V4-2203  Evaluation of genotypes and develoment of crossing families for resistance studies of hop Humulus lupulus L. to severe viroid hop stunting disease   2022 - 2024  PhD Andreja Čerenak  2,393 
3. V4-1824  Bridging gaps in Bioeconomy: from Foresty and Agriculture Biomass to Innovative Technological solutions (BRIDGE2BIO   2018 - 2021  PhD Luka Juvančič  7,205 
4. J4-8220  Functional and structural analysis of Verticillium effector proteins and their targets in hop and model plants   2017 - 2020  PhD Sabina Berne  2,528 
5. L4-6809  Plant response analysis in multiple viroid infections and identification of plant resistance   2014 - 2017  PhD Sebastjan Radišek  3,518 
6. J1-4044  Apoptotic effects of alkylpyridinium compounds on lung adenocarcinoma cells   2012 - 2014  PhD Tom Turk  6,254 
7. J4-2212  Glivni citokromi P450, vključeni v detoksifikacijo rastlinskih obramnih spojin, kot tarče novih protiglivnih učinkovin (Slovene)   2009 - 2012  PhD Nada Kraševec  3,740 
8. J3-0124  The role of recombinant human erythropoietin on gene expression and signal transduction in breast cancer   2008 - 2011  PhD Nataša Debeljak  3,804 
9. Z3-9403  Molecular mechanism of action of the recombinant human erythropoietin on cancerous cells   2007 - 2008  PhD Sabina Berne  165 
10. L4-4423  Structure and function of dermatophyte proteinases and their protein inhibitors.   2005  PhD Marinka Drobnič-Košorok  1,968 
11. J1-6456  Specificity of interaction of some cytolytic proteins with membrane lipid domains   2004  PhD Peter Maček  3,684 
ARIS research and infrastructure programmes Legend
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no. Code Title Period Head No. of publications
1. P4-0077  Genetics and Modern Technologies of Crops   2019 - 2024  PhD Jernej Jakše  3,242 
2. P4-0077  Genetics and Modern Technologies of Crops   2015 - 2018  PhD Jernej Jakše  4,906 
3. P4-0077  Genetics and modern technologies of agricultural plants   2014  PhD Branka Javornik  5,502 
4. P1-0104  Functional genomics and biotechnology for health   2009 - 2014  PhD Radovan Komel  4,024 
5. P1-0104  Functional genomics and biotechnology for health   2005 - 2008  PhD Radovan Komel  5,180 
6. P1-0207  Toxins and Biomembranes   2004  PhD Igor Križaj  4,531 
7. P0-0521-0481  Biokemija membransko aktivnih snovi (Slovene)   2002 - 2003  PhD Peter Maček  2,440 
International projects
no. Code Title Period Head No. of publications
1. HORIZON-BioRural  Accelerating circular biobased solutions integration in European rural areas   9/1/2022 - 8/31/2025  Luka Juvančič   
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